Test: One Pot Pasta Recipe

Livre Pasta Magiques

Livre Pasta Magiques

Test : One Pot Pasta Recipe from “Pasta Magiques”.

Recently someone told me about a cooking book (in French) ; “Pasta Magiques” from Sabrina Fauda-Rôle. As I liked the concept of this book – a One Pot Pasta recipe book – I decided to try one of the recipes.

What is the One Pot Pasta concept?

Making pasta is supposed to be fast and simple but if you try to make more advanced recipes it becomes time (and pans) consuming. Imagine I decide to make bolognese pasta, I will have to fry the meatballs and onions with a pan, cook pasta in a pot so I will have a lot of steps to follow for the recipe and a lot of stuff to wash.

Ingredients of the Gorgonzola-mushroom-walnuts One Pot Pasta Recipe.

The One Pot technique was popularized by Martha Stewart, a DIY and Life Style « Celebrity ». It’s a technique where you put all the ingredients of the recipe in only one pot. Results => Less dishes to wash and less wasted time. Of course these are recipes developed for this kind of cooking. Improvisation can be disastrous!

Mushroom FarfalleAs you guess the book Pasta Magiques is about One-Pot Pasta recipes. To give “pep’s” to these pasta, the book gives advices about the different kinds of ingredients you should add to the recipe. First you must use slow cooking pasta because you will cook the food prep for 15 minutes and you don’t want your pasta to look like paste. Then you must add other kind of ingredients such as ones with strong savour like smoked salmon, crusty ingredients, herbs and so on…

Amongst the delicious recipes of the book I chose the Grogonzola-Mushroom-Walnuts Pasta. I had slow cooking pasta with mushroom savour I just bought in a clearance store so this recipe was perfect.

Ingredients (4 persons):

– 250 g Pantacce Pasta (Actually I used Farfalle.)
– 200 g button mushrooms cut in 4. (After I tasted the recipe I think it should be better with strong flavoured mushroom such as chanterelle mushrooms.)
– 100 g mascarpone.
– 200 g gorgonzola.
– 100 g chopped walnuts.
– 1 minced shallot.
– 1 chopped parsley.
– salt & pepper.
– 75 cl of water.

Recipe :

Reserve a spoon of parsley. Put all the ingredients in the pot while following the indicated order. Set it to cook medium for 15 minutes and stir regularly. At the end, only 2 cm of liquid must stay. Sprinkle parsley.

It was really yummy but I think mushrooms with a stronger flavour would have been better. In the end the recipe was really easy and fast but you have to follow the indicated amounts.

Gorgonzola mushroom walnuts pasta
Recipe of Pasta with Gorgonzola, mushrooms and walnuts.
Gorgonzola mushrooms walnuts pasta top view
Plate Vésuvio in black stoneware, Fly, 4.50 euros.

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