Phone Seat Make-Over

Phone Seat Make Over

An old phone seat Make-over.

Hello to you all!

I had this small seat for many years, waiting to be modernized a little. I bought it in a flea market for only 20 euros. I’m not sure how this kind of seat is called in English (and in French neither) so I’ll call it a “Phone seat” as its tablet is to be used as a tablet for phone.

I went to a workshop with « Atelier ô Jadis ». Valérie Bordereux organizes workshops all long the year. She was a very welcoming person and she gave me a lot of personalized advices to restore my “phone seat” and her professional equipment was a real time saving.

Sadly, the most laborious part was to remove by hand, with the help of pliers and hammers, all of the staples from the wood (or nails depending of the age of the seat) otherwise the air-pressured stapler would get damaged.


All in all, it took me a little more than 2 days to do this seat make-over. The first day I removed the staples from the phone seat, I sanded the wood and painted the seat. The second day I went to the workshop with Valérie. Then I put braids little by little the following days.

Now, I have a “modern/vintage phone seat” but I still have no phone to put on it… Maybe I’ll transform it into a charging station for my electronic devices 😉

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