Maison et Objet 2015 (part2)

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Hi! Here’s the second part of Maison et Objet 2015’s article. Today I’m presenting you some of my favorites at the exhibition. It is difficult to make a choice between billions of objects, however because of the fact that some brands have no websites, that some flyers contain web adresses which are…the flyer in PDF and the fact it was forbidden to take photos at Maison&Objet, finally the choice was easier than I though. Moreover, as I told you in the previous article, most of the things I could see weren’t that new to me as I remembered seeing them 1 or 2 years ago.

Nevertheless, Maison&Objet was full of wonderful objects, accessories, patterns, gadgets and here is a small selection:

Nailmatic – The nail polish automatic machine.


Contains a very wide color selection at the price at 6€ or 8€, and also water-based nail polish for children that can be removed with water and soap.

Bungalow – Indian Block-Printed fabric.


I just came back from my 2 years long stay in India and I find the very first goal of this trip: to discover Indian craft! This danish brand sent me back to India; cushions embroidered with traditional and modern patterns, block-printed cloths and artisanal paper.

Les Guimards – The actual french ceramic.

les guimards 03

It’s about craft again, but I really like the ceramic creations of Nathalie and Christophe Hurtault heirs of the family workshop “Les Guimards” located in Bourgogne. “Les Guimards” give a new life to clay craft with modern and japanese-inspired collections.

Bacsac – Plant containers for townsfolk.


Another french brand which was created few years ago. Bacsac helps townspeople to simply grow plants and vegetables on their balconies. These flower bags are very useful and take less place than a plastic pot once empty.

See you!

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