Maison et Objet 2015 (part 1)

La chaise longue

maison et objet anniversary et cie

Maison et Objet, January 2015

Hello ! Lot of things happened during the last 2 months and between the graduation ceremony, my trip to Quebec in December and the fact I’m now looking for a job, I had difficulties to find time de write. But here I am! Today I’ll give you a fast feedback from the exhibition Maison&Objet which took place between the 23rd and 27th January.

sceno my little day

Sceno for the 20 year of Maison&Objet by my little day.

This year, Maison&Objet celebrates its 20th year of existence. A lot of small events took place during the exhibition such as flash-mobs, free food tasting and the sharing of a giant cake. However, nothing new on the exhibition side. After all, why change a winning formula? Two times a year Maison&Objet – Paris receives thousands of exhibitors and ten of thousands visitors.

To communicate on M&O 20th anniversary, the graphic design agency Be-pôles worked on a key message: the international exhibition on decoration built itself year by year thanks to its exhibitors. This thematic puts forward annual exhibitors of Maison&Objet and allows lots of partnership opportunities.

Maison et objet birthday cakes meet birthday plates

Communication campaign for the 20 years of Maison&Objet by Be-pôles.

As you guess, I went to the exhibition, I saw millions of objects, patterns, gadgets, zigzagging between stands in order to make the most of my short visit at Maison&Objet. Sadly, I couldn’t see all of it, but if I have to sum up, apart from geometric inspiration from the last 2 years, most trends are about: « ethnic chic (colored) », « crafts et nature ».

la chaise longue

Stand of La Chaise Longue at Maison et Objet. Seat on the left: Fauteuil Bahia, 169 €.

By the way, crafts is directly linked to the thematic of the inspiration book of this year, named “Make“. Well, I’m afraid I didn’t buy it since it cost a lot, 130€, but I could see it through the diverse exhibition presented by M&O. Firstly, through the small exhibitions named « Nature Made » and « Human Made » which show the works of artists playing with nature’s building abilities and artisans, Secondly, through the quite big exhibition place reserved to creators and to the Ateliers d’Arts de France.

tissage participatif par Katherine May


Participative weaving, “Rhythm an Ritual for Patternity” organised by Katherine May during the exbhition “Human Made”.

Finally, new technologies were also well represented. We could find paintings with animation in augmented reality, MakerBot‘s 3D printers and a system that gives a 3d shape to sound.

Coming next: The second part about my visist at Maison et Objet, january 2015 edition.

Flash-Mob at Maison&Objet:

Flash-Mob Maison et Objet

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