LuxUnika – Woodwork of the 21st century


LuxUnika – Woodwork of the 21st century

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September is a new start for the blog and I hope I’ll bring you way more articles before the end of the year. I just came back from the september’s Maison&Objet exhibition and I have a lot of creative articles for you in my backpack.

Today I want to talk about my last favourite brand that I discovered on the exhibition. It was its first appearance on the Maison&Objet exhibition. The young company LuxUnika is a french brand located in Chindrieux, next to Aix les bains in Savoie. Gaël Rosset talked to us about his company.

LuxUnika is a design and made-in France brand. They produce in small quantity and create unique and personalized furniture and products. Helle Wiggers is a danish designer who set-up in Savoie in 2009. She draws, modelises and create objects for LuxUnika. The brand also worked with the designer Vincent Rouillot for the design of the garden tower, Sybille.

La tour jardin Sibylle, disponible en chêne et frêne massif. Le nom « Sibylle » a été choisi en hommage à Sibylle de Baugé, comtesse de Savoie.
The tower garden Sibylle, is made in plain wood with oak or frêne. The name « Sibylle » comes from Sibylle de Baugé, countess of Savoie.

LuxUnika is inspired by norse style and savoyarde traditions. Its creations are made mainly with wood, leather and fabrics, which give them an organic and unique dimension. Besides the aesthetical aspect of LuxUnika products, it is its values and manufacturing process which got my attention.

Chaise des alpes avec dossier représentant le Mont Blanc.
Alpes’ chair with a back symbolizing the Mont Blanc.

After modelising the product, the main pieces are cut thanks to machines and advanced processes, then all of the assembly, finition, decorative and sewing operations are made by hand. This is a perfect exemple of how the alliance between technology, crafts and design allow the creation of unique and personalised design pieces.

See you next week for a new article !

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