Inspiration Maison et Objet 2015 – Precious


Inspiration: Precious

Maison&Objet edits for each exhibition an inspiration book. This time, you couldn’t miss it. The thematic of this edition was represented by a mascot, a golden apple with a crystal inside and was printed on every prints possible and made at giant size inside a scenography signed by NellyRodi. Following the inspiration of the Precious book I made you a small selection. You can find more selections on my Pinterest.

1- Sensorial brushes, Najila El Zein, 2- Glass carafe, Marianne Guedin, 3- Orion, Inverted Spaces collection, Calico Wallpapers, 4- The Wind Portal, Najila El Zein.

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  1. […] They reflect one of the inspirations for 2015-2016: precious. This won Calico Wallpaper an invitation by Elizabeth Leriche within the framework of the famous Fair “Maison & Objet” in Paris. […]

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