DIY Tutorial – Transform a Tin Can into a Gift Box

Tutoriel DIY Boite Cadeau Gift Box
Create Amazing Gift Boxes from Tin Cans

DIY Tutorial – Transform a Tin Can into a Gift Box

Happy New Year! I hope this year will be creative and full of adventures and discovering! To start this year, I prepared a little DIY tutorial. We will transform a tin can into a beautiful and personalized gift box.

For this tutorial you will need:


– A neatly cleaned and dried tin can.
– A gold paint spray.
– Cardstock (You can use corn-flakes packaging for example).
– Colored or/and patterned Paper.
– Sewing thread to make the tassel.
– 1 or 2 medium sized beads with a large hole.


Pencil, compass, cutter, scissors, big comb, large sewing needle, white glue and/or roller-glue.
Matériel et Outils nécessaires.

Step by step:

1- To make the lid, take the interior measurement of the tin can’s diameter. Take also the circumference and the height of the can. Trace 3 circles with the diameter measurement with a compass on the cardstock. Cut and glue them together with white glue.

Step 1 Gift Box

2- Paint the tin can and the lid on both side with the paint spray.

Step 2 Gift Box

3- While the paint is drying, cut paper strips of the size of the circumference +1 cm to decorate the box.

Step 3 Gift Box

4- Print the flowers’ pattern at the chosen size. Transfer it on the paper.

Step 4 Gift Box

5- Cut the two flowers and slightly bend their petals. Make a hole at their center with a needle.

Step 5 Gift Box

6- Take a big comb and put the sewing thread around the comb’s teeth many times until you’re satisfied with the size of the tassel.

Step 6 Gift Box

7- Make a strong knot a little a the top to make the head of the tassel.

Step 7 Gift Box

8- Put the tassel delicately away from the comb while checking that the knot is well tied. Cut the base of the tassel.

Step 8 Gift Box

9- Once the box and the lid are dried, glue the paper strips on the box. Make a hole at the center of the lid with a needle. Put a double thread on the needle, make a double/triple knot and go through the back of the lid, the flowers and then tie it at the tassel.

Step 9 Gift Box

To close the gift box you can use a coloured masking tape such as these Washi Tape.

Pattern for paper flowers

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