DIY Tea Advent Calendar

DIY Tea advent calendar

DIY Tea Advent Calendar

DIY Tea Advent Calendar

Hello! Yes, This blog’s first DIY Tutorial is an tea advent calendar using tea bags as per the name. Maybe you already guessed it since it was the subject of my my first article. And for the ones who don’t drink tea, the next DIY tuto is an advent calendar with coffee capsules. Like this, everyone is happy =).

Well, it is right that we are already the 3 ! Then, just drink 3 of them today ! Hahaha…haha… No ? Anyway…

Material :

– 24 tea bags

– A cork board (here?x?cm) or foam board

– 24 drawing pins

– 8 A4 pages to make envelopes (colored or with pattern), or buy 24 small envelopes

– 1 colored A4 page for the tea bags’ tags

– Tracing paper

– 1 pen to write numbers

– 24 stickers or washi tape to close envelopes

– Pencil, ruler, scissors, adhesive band, glue (stick or white)

Envelopes :

If you are doing the envelopes yourself, you can download the pattern here.

1. Download and print the pattern.

2. Trace the pattern on your paper. You can place 3 times the pattern in 1 A4 page:

Placement du patron sur feuille A4
How to place the pattern in an A4 page









3. Cut the 24 envelopes.

4. Fold the middle of the envelopes. Use a ruler to have a perfect fold.

5. Fold the sides and glue them.

6. Fold the flap.

Step 4,5 et 6
steps 4, 5 and 6
Tea and Numbers :

1. Remove the tags from the 24 tea bags.

2. Cut 24 pieces in your page for tags. You can use a craft punch or cut shapes with a pattern. My motif is about 3x2cm. Write 1 to 24 on them.

3. Scotch tape the tea bags’ threads to the tags you just cut on the side with no numbers.

4. Place tea bags in envelopes an close with a sticker.

étapes 1, 2, 3 et 4
steps 1, 2, 3 and 4

5. Measure board and put a mark where you want to place the envelopes.

6. Pin them.

DIY Calendrier de l'avent au thé

DIY Calendrier de l'avent au thé 2

And here you go! Don’t hesitate to send your creation to me, I’ll post them on the blog.

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