DIY – Display for Coffee Capsules and Advent Calendar

DIY Coffee capsules dispaly

DIY Coffee capsules display

DIY – Display for coffee capsules

As promised here is the tutorial to make an advent calendar with coffee capsules such as Nespresso Capsules. This one is way easier and also can be used as display all long the year. For this tutorial I used a cork board but if you want a display with a more modern and classy look you should use black foam board instead with golden drawing pins.

And now, the tutorial:

Material :

– 24 coffee capsules

– A Cork board (30x40cm) or black foam board

– 24 golden drawing pins

– a pencil and a ruler

The display:

1. Measure and put marks where you want to place the capsules. Put capsules on the board and do 1 mark at the bottom of the capsule and 2 on each sides. In this example I did 4×6 rows.

2. Pin drawing pins on the 3 marks for each capsules. Leave a small space between the board and the head of the pin in order to slide the capsules :

Présentoir de capsules à café step 2 3 alicier

3. Slide all the capsules. Begin with the bottom of the board.

4. If you want to add numbers, add tags or write directly on the board but don’t write on the capsules as you will drink them.

The End! Easy, fast,with a great result !

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