About Alicier

« Alicier » Why this name ?

For me “Alicier” is a symbol of all the ideas that appeal to me; creative or technical, imaginary or realistic, virtual or real. It is a compilation of finds, a growing mood board.

As Alice, plunged into a world of DIY tutorials, wonderful decorating ideas, fabulous new products, fantastic adventures and delicious recipes. A creative and curious “Alice”, interested in numerous ideas and future projects. And you? Where is your “Alice”?

About the author :

Tiffanie Javourez
Tiffanie Javourez

Hi ! My name is Tiffanie. Half-Breton, half-Belgian, I was born in Ivory Coast and I lived in few different places (West Africa, India, France) and I hope to visit a lot more.

I am fond of handicrafts and fervent defender of all sorts of DIY. Yes, I am a fan of hand-made products even though I graduated in industrial design.

My dream is to link creative, cultural and eco-friendly projects with a French large scale production.

Another project of mine is to promote world’s handicrafts, DIY technics and entrepreneurs’ initiatives. This is the goal of this blog.

Actually, I’m living in the fabulous city of Albi in the south of France since April 2016. I employ my time at create DIY tutorials for a craft company based there. When I have time, I visit the region, meet it’s inhabitants and try new things like crayfish fishing on Tarn’s riversides or picking Respounchous. Eventually I also find the time to work on this blog! ^^

If you want to reach me it’s here.